Whole House Surge Protectors

beautiful-homePower surges are caused by an extreme spike of electricity on a local power grid. They tend to occur mainly during thunderstorms as a result of lightning hitting the power lines, but they could be dangerous to your electronics, appliances, lighting, and sockets.

The cost of replacing these appliances or devices could be way more than expected! Replacing appliances simply due to a surge is nothing short of a waste of money and time that could have been prevented beforehand.

In order to protect your home and keep your costly appliances safe you need a whole house surge protector. This helps regulate the amount of electricity that enters your home and in the case of a surge they will automatically shut off all flow of electricity to ensure that your home is safe and your appliances work for years to come.

Protecting your home ahead of time is key and an essential part of any home’s electrical system and with whole house surge protectors you ensure that your home is protected and well taken care of during any storm or occurrence that could result.

The common causes of power surges are:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Downed power lines
  • Heavy usage of high-powered electrical devices
  • A lightning striking a utility pole
  • Grid malfunction

Why have whole house surge protection?

Unlike socket surge protectors, a whole house surge protector will protect the entirety of your electrical system. We install the whole house surge protector at your service panel and the system takes all of the excess power during surges and channels it into the ground.

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