home motion sensor on wall

Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are temporary switches that turn lights on when movement is detected within a sensor’s field of view. The light will remain on for a set amount of time following any detected movement and will continue to stay on as movement occurs. Once a period of inactivity has occurred, the motion sensor switch will turn the lights off. Motion sensors are also available with daylight sensors which will prevent lights from turning on if it is daytime.

Cords Plugged in to Power Strip

What is a Dedicated Circuit?

A dedicated circuit is a circuit that contains a single appliance, with its own circuit breaker. It is separate from the main electrical circuit in your property and cannot have any other appliances connected to it. Dedicated circuits are vital for the safe operation of electrical appliances in your home and workplace and prevent large appliances from affecting other electrical devices.

lightning storm posing risk to short circuits.

Protecting Outdoor Electrical Outlets From the Elements

In 2016 alone, San Antonio experienced torrential rain, flash floods, and a hail storm that caused $2 billion worth of damage. “Alamo City” is one of the most flood-prone areas of the United States, meaning outdoor electrical outlets plugs, sockets and adapters are at great risk of water damage. These electric terminals can short out and pose a significant safety hazard to your entire home. Here’s how to protect outdoor electrical fixtures and outlets from the elements.


Floor Electrical Outlet

Wall outlets are convenient for electronics and appliances placed near or against walls. But for divided spaces and large open rooms it can be difficult to power far away from electronics. In workspaces such as conference rooms or lobbies, a box installed in the floor can provide easy access and plenty of power to multiple electronic devices. Floor boxes come in varying sizes and exterior designs to match a wide range of flooring.


What Is Standby Power?

Standby power is electricity that is used to power nonessential components in appliances and electronic devices. Standby power leakage is created when electronic devices are designed to either always draw electricity or to have a standby mode. The price that you end up paying for power leakage can add up every month. Spot the signs of standby power and learn how to save money on your power bills here.

gas and electric water heater icons on blue background

Gas VS Electric Water Heater

Ranging from one to a couple thousand dollars, choosing a water heater is a major decision. Picking the cheapest option for a water heater is not the best long-term solution because of the cost of heating and replacing the unit can exceed any upfront savings. Different models and units have various energy saving integrations, but ultimately picking a water heater comes down to gas or electric.

electrical grounding wire connecting to a grounding rod

What Does A Ground Wire Do?

A ground wire or earthing wire will send excess electricity that is built up during an electrical malfunction to the ground. A grounding wire is important because it gives an appliance or electrical device a safe way to discharge excess electricity. Building codes require grounding wires to be included in a home’s electrical system to protect from electric shock, short circuits, power surges, and fire.