10 Electrical Renovations To Make in an Old Home

10 Electrical Renovations To Make in an Old Home

Electricity is a revolutionary energy form with the capacity to produce brilliant light and put action into motion. Over time, the concept of electricity has changed the very framework of society—and is now responsible for powering up our modern conveniences. Almost every system or device in the home operates through sheer electrical power. The overall functionality and usability of electricity are integral to meeting the needs of present-day homeowners—no matter the size, design, or age of their unique home.

Well-configured electrical systems are critical components in each abode. Yet, this importance can become overlooked because of their customary concealment behind the walls. Meeting all recommended electrical guidelines and safety standards is key, especially in houses that fit the "old age" parameters. Older homes are full of many wonderful things, but a good electrical system is often not one of them.

Fortunately, experienced electricians in the year 2022 can do far more with wiring than those of the past could. We’ve compiled a guide of the top ten electrical renovations to make in an old home. Here is a list of the major upgrades to keep in mind relevant to current times and our local area.

Electrical Wiring and Routing Rework

Certain parts of an older wiring system may be usable and reasonably safe to use after inspection from a qualified electrician. That said, faulty or overloaded wiring is a common occurrence in dated structures, requiring a safer and more efficient power delivery system. Old wiring is a hazard that must be addressed, replaced, or reworked to meet the demands of advanced technology and up-to-date products.

Some potential signs that indicate your home is in need of electrical rewiring and renovation include regularly blown fuses or breakers, cracked electrical panels, warm-to-the-touch switches, experienced tingling sensations after touching appliances, or persistent burning smells.

Electrical Panel Updates: Sufficient Power

On the subject of technological demands, consider if your older home has enough electrical capacity to power up a modern lifestyle. On average, a present-day household uses over thirty percent more energy than households of previous decades. Ergo, any general appliances, everyday gadgetry, and valuable devices require greater levels of electricity to function properly.

Outdated panels may continue to function, yet often are of lower quality, have obsolete technology, or carry limited space for supplementary circuitry. Homeowners with these issues should increase the capacity of their existing electrical system and breaker boxes. This investment is essential to keep an older home safe and functional for years to come—not to mention increasing the the home’s potential resale value down the road.

Outlets and Receptacles

Next on the list of ten possible electrical renovations to make in an old home are the outlets. Outlet type and placement matter most vitally in the prevention of electrical shock, surges, or fires. Having the proper ground wire and updated pronged outlets can solve current troubles and avoid future ones.

If you find yourself relying heavily on power strips, bars, or extension cords due to a lack of outlets, a renovation can help meet your desired and required electrical needs with ease. Keep in mind that certain high-energy appliances or devices can also require the use of specialty receptacle models.

Room Considerations

Families often have diverse needs for extra or upgraded outlets throughout their interiors and exteriors. Consider the beneficial convenience that additional outlets could offer in a home office, an older child’s room, a kitchen with updated appliances or gadgets, or even an outdoor space such as a deck, balcony, or patio.

Additional Charging Stations or Solutions

As touched on above, modern electronics are everywhere at this moment in time. People use computers, laptops, smartphones, smart tablets, and wearables every day for jobs, schoolwork, and recreation. Hence, an increased need for handy charging points. As an alternative to additional electrical outlets, purposely-designated and designed charging stations could be a wise idea for inhabitants of older homes.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters: GFCIs

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) are key devices that turn off the power after an outlet comes into contact with moisture. These days, GFCIs are standard requirements in new construction and renovations. GFCIs are critical in kitchens or bathrooms, alongside basements or outdoor areas. Older homes may not have these safety measures, requiring expert installation compliant with local building codes, protocols, and guidelines.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors also support the creation of a safe living environment. Power strips are all good and well, but properly-installed whole-home surge systems provide the ultimate protection for large-scale electrical storms or extreme weather conditions.

Light Switches: Dimmers or Sensors

The functionality of light switches has been around for quite some time. However, installing different electrical features during renovation—such as dimmers or sensors—provides greater control and ambiance in certain rooms or whole-house scenarios. Knowledge of the latest electrical lighting options can create the ideal sought-after atmosphere.

Smart Home and Remoted-Controlled Features

Bringing an older home into the future is possible with the latest home automation or remote-controlled systems. An electrician can make the right adjustments to your current wiring for a smart home transformation—and still maintain that vivid old house charm.

Entertainment Setup and Equipment

With the help of an electrical upgrade or revamp, homeowners can turn an interior space into a professional-looking and sounding home theater, media center, or entertainment area. An expert electrician can assist with structured design details to prevent accidentally overloading the circuit.

Electrical Consumption Monitoring

In a rising eco-friendly era, some homeowners desire to implement greener practices into their daily lives. Monitoring one’s home energy consumption is one actionable insight strategy usable through a simple renovation project. Inhabitants of older homes can rely on panel-installed systems that reveal specific sources of power usage throughout the day.

Electrical Services: Contact a Local Professional

Many home renovation or remodeling jobs necessitate partnering with a professional in the field for quality and safety assurance. Projects involving electricity are particularly pressing due to their complexity and difficulty. Working with electricity in older buildings can be demanding and dangerous because of the existing infrastructure. If you’re not a trained electrician, consulting with one about the process, approach, and timeline for assorted service needs is the ideal solution.

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10 Electrical Renovations To Make in an Old Home
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