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Secure Your Electronics and Appliances from Unexpected Power Surges

In the heart of San Antonio, power surges pose a silent threat to the safety and lifespan of your home's electronics and appliances. That's where we can help. As your trusted local electrician, Allgood Electric proudly specializes in whole-home surge protector installations designed to safeguard your home from the unpredictable nature of electricity spikes. Our licensed electricians can provide you with reliable services tailored to your home and electronics, paired with the professional expertise you need to ensure your peace of mind. Schedule your surge protector installation today!

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had AllGood Electric install a whole home surge protector on my property. They communicated well and delivered on the services I had asked for. The worked with me on the timing since it required multiple steps with CPS and inspections. I plan to use them for any additional electrical work need done in the future.
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About Our Surge Protector Services

At Allgood Electric, we set the bar for providing comprehensive surge protection solutions in San Antonio. Our whole house surge protectors are meticulously installed to defend every outlet and connected device in your home—from expensive electronics like computers and TVs to essential appliances such as refrigerators and dryers. 

Unlike individual surge protectors, our whole home surge protection systems can ensure that your entire electrical line is shielded against voltage spikes, such as those caused by power grid fluctuations. With our whole home generator services, we'll not only protect your home in the event of an unexpected surge but ensure everything from your outlets to your appliances operates without interruption during a power outage.

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Why Choose Us?

Choosing Allgood Electric means partnering with a knowledgeable team that values your satisfaction and who will stop at nothing to guarantee your entire home is protected. Here’s why we stand out:

- Expertise: Our team of licensed electricians is equipped with the knowledge and tools to address all kinds of electrical issues, ensuring a thorough and safe installation process.

- Protection for Everything: From expensive electronics to every connected appliance in your house, our surge protection services extend beyond just safeguarding; they enhance the reliability and lifespan of your devices.

- Cost-Effective Solutions: Investing in whole house surge protection is a cost-efficient way to prevent the potential loss and damage to your appliances and electronics, and to avoid costly replacements and repairs.

Don't Wait for a Surge to Strike—Protect Your Home Now!

Our Process

At Allgood Electric, we take pride in making your experience with our electricians as simple as possible. We follow the same 3-step process for every job we complete our surge protector installations in San Antonio to keep things simple and ensure your home is taken care of.

1. Consultation: Our experts will assess your home's needs, explaining how surges occur and the best strategies for protection.

2. Customized Protection Plan: Next we'll design a surge protection system tailored to your home's specific requirements for comprehensive coverage.

3. Professional Installation: Our licensed electricians will install your whole house surge protector with minimal disruption, so your home is fully protected from a potential power surge.

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What causes power surges?

Power surges can occur due to lightning strikes, power grid issues, and internal home events like the cycling of appliances.

Why isn't an individual surge protector enough?

Individual surge protectors only protect devices plugged directly into them. Whole home surge protection shields all your electrical devices and appliances by being installed directly into your home's electrical system.

How often do surges occur?

Surges can happen multiple times a day without notice, each potentially risking damage to your connected equipment.

Our Service Area

At Allgood Electric, we're committed to delivering top-tier surge protection services to every neighborhood in San Antonio. Whether you live in the heart of downtown or the surrounding suburbs, our team is ready to ensure your home's protection. We proudly service the following neighborhoods:

- Universal City, TX

- Schertz, TX

- Garden Ridge, TX

- Cibolo, TX

- Kirby, TX

- And more!

Contact us today to find out if we service where you live!

Protect Your Home from Power Surges Starting Today!

Your home is your sanctuary, filled with valuable and essential electronics and appliances. In today's world, where every corner of our lives is intertwined with connected devices, the risk of power surges—and the costly damage they can cause—has never been more significant. Allgood Electric stands ready to safeguard your San Antonio home with professional, efficient whole-house surge protector installation. Our licensed electricians bring expertise, reliability, and a commitment to protecting what matters most to you. Don't leave your home's safety to chance. Secure your peace of mind with whole home surge protection and ensure your electronics, appliances, and electrical systems are shielded from the unexpected.
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