Home Safety – Lighting & Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

As local, San Antonio electricians, we pride ourselves on being able to provide home-owners with the essentials that they need to ensure their families are safe. Chief among these often-neglected home safety essentials, is a lack of appropriate exterior home safety lighting. People often neglect the importance of things such as a properly placed carbon monoxide detectors in the home, as well! At Allgood Electric, keeping your home and loved ones safe is our number one priority. This is why we offer a number of home safety-oriented services, including the installation of exterior home lighting, as well as carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector installation.

Home Safety Lighting Installation

Nothing can give you greater piece of mind, or a better sense of control and protection than proper home exterior lighting installation. By introducing a number of exterior flood lights, exterior garden lights, or property-mounted lights, you illuminate the entire perimeter of your home and backyard.  

There are a number of reasons to pursue the installation of home exterior lighting. Exterior flood lights ensure that you, and your neighbors, can always see any possible intruders or uninvited guests. A home or yard that is poorly lit can be inviting to a home intruder as they know that their approach is unlikely to be detected. The presence of exterior flood lights or the like will serve as a deterrent as any intruder will know their approach may be visible to anyone in the neighborhood.

We can examine your property and help you arrive at your ideal exterior home safety lighting plan. We can even ensure that your exterior lighting is set to turn on at a certain pre-determined time or as soon as your car rolls on into the driveway. Contact our home safety lighting experts to get the peace of mind that you deserve.

Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation & Smoke Detector Installation

A number of common household appliances emit carbon monoxide. This odorless gas can be fatal to those who breathe it in, especially in an unventilated home. Carbon monoxide detector installation is a wise investment that could save your life or the lives of your loved ones. Similarly, smoke detector installation can help keep your home safe from a fire that may otherwise go unnoticed until the damage is too far along. Contact us today if you’re in need of any home safety upgrades.

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AllGood contacted me almost immediately after I made my service request. They were able to arrange for an appointment to give me an estimate within a couple of days. Jacob arrived promptly. He knew what had to be done and quoted a great price.

-Cris T.

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