5 Reasons Your House Lights Are Flickering

5 Reasons Your House Lights Are Flickering

There are many reasons your house lights may be flickering. You should not take blinking lights as a regular part of your electricity. Flickering lights can signal serious electrical issues in your household that could threaten your safety. Sometimes flickering lights are a simple fix; either way, it is best to ask a licensed electrician to help you solve any lighting issues in your household, as your safety is the most important thing.

Loose Wiring

Loose wiring is one of the most dangerous reasons your house lights are flickering, as it can be a severe fire hazard. If you notice your lights are flickering, and the issue is growing in severity no matter what you do, you likely have loose wiring. Your wiring may be outdated, worn away, or incorrectly installed. If you think loose wiring may be your problem and are looking for an electrician in San Antonio, TX, Allgood Electric is here to help keep you safe.

Incompatible Switch

When you notice your house lights are flickering, first check some easily fixable issues; perhaps a bulb is not completely screwed in. If your bulbs are secure and you still notice blinking, another issue might be incompatible light switches. Incompatible switches can make the lighting in your household flicker, and this is because older switches are meant to work with fluorescent bulbs. If you have recently installed LED bulbs and your lights have been flickering, you may have incompatible switches.

Circuit Overload

If you notice the lighting in your house dims or flickers when you plug in an appliance, you may have an overloaded circuit. Circuits overload when devices draw more electricity than your circuit breaker can handle, which causes your lights to flicker. Your circuit breaker may not be able to handle the amount of electricity your household requires. As this continues, it will become a serious problem and cause appliance failure, so you should consult an electrician to remedy the issue.

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