Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights are temporary switches that turn lights on when movement is detected within a sensor’s field of view. The light will remain on for a set amount of time following any detected movement and will continue to stay on as movement occurs. Once a period of inactivity has occurred, the motion sensor switch will turn the lights off. Motion sensors are also available with daylight sensors which will prevent lights from turning on if it is daytime.

Lowers Energy Costs

The most valued benefit of motion sensor lights are the savings on electricity. Motion sensors prevent lights from turning on in areas that do not in use them which will quickly add up to offset the price of the investment on power bills. Motion sensors are also commonly referred to as occupancy sensors because they better accommodate energy consumption in public areas.

For large businesses, factories, and schools, patrons are not as likely to turn on and off lights around them. When occupancy sensors are installed in large buildings lighting will more directly align with the usage of each room.

Motion sensors will also save electricity though only turning on when there is not enough natural lighting available. Especially for outdoor areas and parking lots, motions sensors will drastically save money by preventing the motion sensors from switching on when there is already enough natural lighting in the area.

Lengthens Lifetime on Light Bulbs

Because occupancy sensors lessen the time light bulbs stay on, they will lengthen the lifespan on lightbulbs. There are some misconceptions that cycling on and off light bulbs rather than keeping them on all the time is worse for it, however, that is not true.

Leaving lights on rather than turning them off when they are not in use was an old practice for light bulbs that heated up elements to emit light. These vapor heated light bulbs take some time to warm up to become efficient and the misconception formed from the idea that it took more electricity to heat the elements up each time than it did to keep them running constantly.

The act of heating up the elements was thought to be harmful and companies would leave the lights on constantly. Because light bulbs now are far more efficient the act of turning light bulbs on and off again will not cause it any harm.

Deters Crime

Installing motion sensor lighting around your home or building is a great way to deter from crime and vandalization. All lighting gives some deterrent to vandalization, but the act of a light turning on will bring more attention to a building from afar. It is easy for someone to blend into the shadows of a lit up a building than it is to hide from a motion sensor light. Motion sensor lighting will pinpoint the location of a possible vandal making it harder for them to move around without being spotted.


Another amazing feature of motion sensor lighting is that you will have lighting when you need it. Motion sensors remove stumbling for a light switch or forgetting to turn the outdoor lights on from your daily routine. For large buildings and offices, motion sensor light switches remove the need for people to hunt for light switches in a strange environment.

Ready to Make The Switch?

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