The Benefits of Generator Interlock Systems

The Benefits of Generator Interlock Systems

When you purchased your portable generator, you likely did so to protect your family in the event of an outage or emergency. When the lights suddenly go out, you now have peace of mind because you have a portable generator. With family being the priority, you want to ensure the safest and most accessible way to access your generator, so keep reading to learn more about the benefits of generator interlock systems.

Fewer Appliances

With a generator interlock kit installed, the electric process becomes streamlined. Aside from your generator extension cord, you will not require additional extension cables to operate your electrical appliances; you are free from a jungle of ropes. It can be stressful to search for extensions cords and plug them into hard-to-reach areas like behind your fridge and freezer. Moreover, interlock kits install on an already existing main breaker, so it does not require an additional panel which saves you money and wall space.

Safe and Sure

One of the benefits of generator interlock systems you will find most valuable is that they make adjusting the power to your portable much safer. A generator kit prevents back-feeding, which happens when your main breaker and the breaker connected to your power inlet box run simultaneously. Back-feeding is illegal, extremely dangerous, and can lead to severe injury or death.

A trusted and licensed electrician should install interlock systems. If you seek generator interlock installation in San Antonio, TX, our trusted professionals at All Good Electric inc. are more than happy to help.


It is essential to know that there are other options when you are deciding on the best choice for how you want to connect your portable generator to your house. For example, you may purchase a transfer switch, but they are significantly more expensive and can take an entire workday to install. You can have a generator interlock kit installed within two hours, and you will save a couple of hundred dollars without having to bargain your safety away.

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