What is a Master Electrician?

It’s important to ensure that the residential electric services professional you are hiring has all the right qualifications. Master electricians must pass state licensing examinations and undergo several years of rigorous education alongside years of training at their job. They are qualified to handle customer service issues as well as installing and repairing electrical systems.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Master Electrician? 

Becoming a master electrician can often take 7 years or more to complete. This includes an apprenticeship program that demands 2,000 hours of training at their daily job as an electrician as well as 144 hours in the classroom.

What Special Services Can A Master Electrician Do?

Master electricians benefit from being able to acquire all work permits necessary for a job. They can develop wiring plans and handle connection configurations and terminations. They supervise team members in a project and are qualified to install and repair electrical systems.

Master electricians can also handle the planning of the distribution of the electricity throughout a job. This includes the decisions related to their department that often include upholding occupation safety and health procedures. They work alongside lighting designers on residential electric projects to ensure that everything works as planned.

They are trained extensively and are qualified by their state to handle basically everything related to residential and commercial electrical services. Master electricians handle everything from wiring new homes to repairing old or faulty wiring in existing homes.

How Do You Become A Master Electrician? 

Many master electricians begin their training by going to college and obtaining Bachelor and Masters degrees in electrical engineering. They are also able to start their education at a trade or technical school in order to get the required knowledge and qualifications to handle those jobs. All master electricians must also hold a journeyman’s license for a period of two years.

With this also comes the requirement to have 12,000 hours of training while on the job and under the supervision of a master electrician. By doing this, the future master electricians are able to handle any situation that might arise while gaining practical experience.

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