Why You Need Whole-House Surge Protectors in San Antonio

Why You Need Whole-House Surge Protectors in San Antonio

A power surge happens when the voltage of your home’s electric supply suddenly rises. The jump in voltage may exceed the maximum tolerance of anything attached to your electric supply, including appliances, computers, and phones that are charging. Power surges happen far more often than you notice; that’s one of the reasons why you need whole-house surge protectors in San Antonio.

What Causes a Power Surge?

A power surge can happen any time an appliance comes on and suddenly draws more electricity than it did when it wasn’t in use. These internal power surges are usually short in duration and not harmful, but over time, they can degrade your appliances and electronics and shorten their useful lives. That degradation is known as “electronic rust.”

An external power surge occurs outside your house, and it usually happens because of a lightning strike, a downed power line, a damaged transformer, or even maintenance work your electric power supply company is doing on the system. These power surges can destroy microprocessors in any equipment or appliance attached to your power supply.

How To Protect Your Home from Power Surges

You’re probably aware of the kind of surge protectors you can buy at your local hardware store. These look like extension cords with several outlets on them. The difference is that a surge protector also shields the devices plugged into it from power surges. The problem with these surge protectors is that they only protect devices plugged into that particular cord. If a surge happens, anything not connected to the power surge protector cord could be damaged.

In addition, as we saw in February of 2021, San Antonio’s weather can be unpredictable, and the electric grid in Texas didn’t stand up to the snow, ice, and cold. Power surges can occur when electricity comes back on line after an interruption like that. The San Antonio area is subject to severe summer storms from time to time as well. The weather, coupled with the cumulative effect of daily mini-surges when your appliances switch on and off, are compelling reasons why you need whole-house surge protectors in San Antonio.

Whole-house surge protectors are installed in or next to your circuit box. A licensed electrician should do this work. If you need an electrician in San Antonio, TX, contact Allgood Electric. We’ll come out to take a look, give you an estimate, explain the job, and get it done quickly for you.

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