Outlets and Switches

light-switchesOutlets and switches are essential to every residential property. These electrical components are essential to our everyday convenience so it is important to make sure outlets and switches are safe. Allgood Electric can evaluate your current electrical system to answer all of the safety and efficiency questions you have.

When is it Time to Upgrade Outlets and Switches?

If your home or residential property is older, it is likely time to consider upgrading. Older systems may not be able to handle today’s high electrical demands which makes upgrades crucial for continued safety.
These are some of the top signs you need an outlet and switch upgrade:

  • Two-pronged outlets (you should have three-prong outlets)
  • Builder’s-grade outlets (these are outdated and unsafe)
  • Aged wiring set-up by the process of “backstabbing”

If you have any of these outdated and inferior electrical systems, give us a call to learn more about how we can help get you the best upgrade for your space.

Benefits of Proper Switch and Outlet Installations & Upgrades

With a proper installation of switch and outlet upgrades, you can expect the following:

  • Overall power enhancement
  • Fewer instances of flickering or dim lights and power outages
  • Improved safety from electrical shock and failure
  • Higher energy efficiency

Talk with our switch and outlet professionals today. Find out how we can power-up your home or business today! 210-255-4663 or fill out our contact form here.